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Surfing the net all day long for research can be very tiring. I was about to give in when I accidentally clicked on something and a chick scratching her butt suddenly popped into my screen. But wait! She’s wasn’t scratching her ass at all. I wasn’t wearing my glasses that time, so I put them on and, yup, she was fingering herself from behind!

Holy shit! That was my eureka moment. That’s how I found out how to stay wide awake during boring research. I had to inject into my bloodstream a little bit of softcore porn. Hardcore would be an overdose and work won’t be done. So softcore was my best bet.

So this chick who I though was scratching her butt has Latina features. She was wearing white silk stockings and nothing else. She’s a bit of a flirt. Let’s call her “Conchita mi puta“.

Conchita was a brunette (I’m not sure if it was dyed or natural) and she’s got nice smooth silky skin. She’s a bit tanned cause you could see a tinge of a whale tail on her back. She’s got this combination flirty but don’t-fuck-with-me look on her face, that kinda reminds me of Michelle Rodriguez. She was a bit skinny, though, but has some nice small and pointy tits.

Conchita fingered her pussy from behind with two fingers that unintentionally looked like an inverted “I love you” in sign language (you know, the hand gesture used by headbangers). Or she was really doing that in purpose to make me feel good and maybe to make me think that somewhere out there somebody loves me while she masturbates!

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