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This couple is probably one of my favorite sex partners on the planet. Watching them is like watching a pornographic “Tom and Jerry”. Actually, I wasn’t aware that I was dealing with a couple here. I was chatting with this chick who looked like Michelle Rodriguez from “Fast and the Furious”.

Michelle (let’s call her that) kept on shouting while we were chatting, then suddenly a guy sat down beside her. Ok, I didn’t mind him ‘coz he sat there quietly. As I continued chatting with Michelle, I noticed that the guy beside her started wanking his weiner. I wondered if he got aroused with the naughty things his partner and I were talking about or if the fucker just really digs the size 20 red comic sans font, in bold!

This couple makes me laugh. I asked Michelle if the two of them could have sex while I watch. She told me that she would try convincing her partner first, and next thing you know, she does that by constantly hitting him on the head until he said yes and before he gets a brain tumor.

The two of them are really funny even when they are fucking each other. Sometimes, when he attempts to kiss her, she shoos him like a fly. He must have forgotten to brush his teeth or something. Another thing I love about this couple is that Michelle is really the skillful one, she can fuck and type at the same time. While funny guy just keep on humping while getting smacked from time to time. One thing’s for sure, they both like the doggie-style. I just love this site.

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